New year’s female resolution

Της Άννας Καραμίγκου

My female wish list
In 2018, you should be:
Not very relaxed, just show them you have interests.
Not too many interests to be extra tired but
Not too active with a masculine body but
Not too sexy like a slut, but cute.
Not too cute to look like an idiot.
Sometimes be an idiot, just to let things go by.
Not too idiot, but smart enough to help others when in need.
A good friend.
Not too good to think you’re sexually attracted to them.
Be good in general, not just to women.
Definitely not a feminist.
Or just a feminist that doesn’t curse like a sailor.
A feminist that shaves her legs and accepts the superiority of males.
And identifies a sexist.
But stay silent or
Not too silent to be abused or a victim.
Not too powerful to castrate them
But weak, to provide them the chance to protect you.
Not that weak to be attached.
Definitely not attached cause you’re
Not that independent to be a lesbian.
Or be a lesbian just for his fantasy.
A little jealous.
But not too much and definitely do not show it.
You don’t want to be called “unreasonable”.
Because after all, you’re the crazy one.

Thank you women, for your strength and your inspiration.
Let’s lead the way.

‌Sincerely yours.